Saturday, March 07, 2009

Let's meet the owners!

I've not been posting as much as usual because I'm packing up ready to move house at the moment. But while I have a little time free I decided to include some photographs not only of those classy old cars of yesteryear but also their owners.

In previous posts I have mentioned that upon seeing any abandoned old jalopies my mind always wanders who once owned it and what might they have looked like? The cars histories are also the story of the lives, trials and tribulations of ordinary folk. They were real lives, that were lived in more innocent, simpler times.

I don't know any of the people in these shots, they are photographs widely available on the internet that just happen to give us a window in time, a picture of the faces of those who once owned the jalopies of today! The note that came with the above photo tells us that this was 'Minnie', from Fort Stockton Texas. The car is a Nash Metropolitan.

This dashing young fella' resplendent in his riding boots was photographed in the snows of Victor Colorado, date unknown.

The couple above have a 55 Chevy and pose with a much older (Ford?) car, the horn rimmed spectacles worn by the woman are typical 1950's!

I have no details on this one, possibly during the 1940's when these two ladies were frozen for all time on the front of their convertible.
The little girl below will now be approaching retirement! I love the combination of old cars and sunshine!

A European flavour to this photograph, (above) the car is a French Renault 4cv complete with fashionable-on-the-continent white-wall tyres. I don't recognise the registration as French so maybe this is an export model.

The car in the photo above is a Holden, which means Australia. The two occupants are posed in study of what seems to be a bottle of beer each!

Not many owners faces in this shot but I included it because it was taken in New York, I have written earlier about the brilliant NY painter Miro Sinovcic
So how cool would it be to see a vintage New York scene such as this painted in Miro's unique and fascinating style. I hope one day that he tries something along these lines for those of us with nostalgia in our veins!

Once again no names to put to the faces, but the 49 Buick is one of my favourite cars and here one is shown 'back in the day' with it's proud owner.
The couple below are a curious pair, I'm not sure where or when this was taken but it sure is an interesting shot.

The caption on the pic' above read "Another victim of the Petrol pill scam". It refers to a con where people were sold a pill that supposedly turned water into petrol. Obviously it didn't work!

That pill may just be a tall tale, which leads me nicely into another bunch of guys famed for their tall tales...Fishermen! LOL. No such tales of the 'one that got away' here though as their trusty old car is used as a backdrop to display the days catch.

A burst of colour now as a group of soldiers embark on a road trip, the year is 1956.
Below, a British Norton motorcycle.

I'll end this post as I began, with the ladies. For every man that owned, drove and maintained the family car there was a woman that often added a homely touch. I have seen home made cushions in the back seat, small vases containing flowers attached to the dash, rugs and blankets to keep the kids warm on long winter journeys, all were the province of the lady of the house, these last two photographs show the faces of those unsung heroes god bless 'em!


PTA Transit Authority said...

Absolutely fantastic pictures.

The Old Nail said...

Thanks, I'm afraid I'm an inveterate hoarder of old photographs!

I don't have to know the folks in the photo for them to appeal to my sense of nostalgia, and it's often interesting to see the just way things really were back in what some call 'the good old days'.

Miro Sinovcic said...

It is interesting to find an artist who is painting old cars:
click on "new work"