Friday, August 12, 2011

Old Buicks

There's just something about old Buicks. Each time I see a photograph of one of these old girls lying around a field someplace I really want to buy it - and rescue it. The problem is I'm on the other side of the Atlantic ocean from these cars, so there they sit.

I have no idea when the attraction to such cars began, or where. Born and raised in England I have never so much as driven in a Buick let alone owned one, and yet the fascination continues.

How many farmers back in the US have one of these things sitting out on their land? Or perhaps stored in a barn? They built their cars from much heavier gauge steel back then which means these cars are still pretty solid and worth restoring.

Perhaps it is because I don't live in America that I see them in a different light? If I were to see them regularly and looked upon them as simply obsolete scrap metal I would be more in tune with those that have grown up around these classics, but here in the UK they are still seen as exotic, mysterious, and very desirable.


Raggmunk said...

Buick is a nice car, awesome pictures!

Petticoats and Chrome said...

Such a travesty to see the old girls like that.

They need a set and a polish.

Michelle Goldie said...

there's something so romantic about a tatty buick. such a shame these are in such disrepair..

The Old Nail said...

Sometimes when I compare the original brochures for these cars against how they have ended up it makes me sad. They are romantic in the way they are soldiering on however.