Sunday, October 19, 2008

900 Car auction sale!

Some of the best and most restorable old cars come from the dry states of the U.S.
Cars from California, Arizona or Texas usually have very little wrong with them structurally despite several decades of neglect.
I recently heard of an Auction sale in which 900 such vehicles were to be sold off to the highest bidder! News of this auction triggered in me the 'If only I had the time/room/money to buy a whole bunch of them' type thoughts, and having looked at some of the available lots for sale I think that I would have needed quite a few acres of space to accommodate all that I would have liked to own!

Those old 'jellymould jalopies' were in evidence everywhere! Below are a few examples of what was there. Some of them, like this Chevy woodie were complete and I could imagine jumping in and just driving her away!

Less complete but to me no less beautiful, this next bunch cry out for restoration!

....and below, one of my all time favourites, a pre '53 Buick! This one looks to be a '49 Roadmaster two door - a Superb example of Art in the form of an Automobile!

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