Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When is beauty actually faded?

Have you ever heard the term 'faded beauty' used in relation to a once beautiful woman that has now attained a certain age.
While I understand the sentiment, I like to think that beauty just changes form, so rather than 'fade' it simply becomes beautiful in another way.

While searching the net for examples of this I came across the one below. I haven't been able to identify the make or model of the vehicle but suspect it is something from the 1930's or early 40's America.

Take a look at that long sweeping hood, or 'bonnet' as it's referred to in the UK, this would have been a fantastically graceful machine at one time! As it sits, no doubt neglected for decades, it still to my eyes retains a certain dignity...a faded beauty indeed.

The picture below comes from Europe, there is a place called Gurbetal in Switzerland that is the home of some mouth watering old classics! Originally an 'Autofriedhof' (Car Cemetery) this site now appears to be some sort of historical automotive museum. The cars it contains are anything from the once commonplace to the extremely rare, and although part of me loves the way that these old vehicles are rusting and decaying, a greater part of me would wish to see them saved!

You can see a range of photo's from Gurbetal here.

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