Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rain rain go away!

Last year, what we in the UK laughingly refer to as the 'Summer' didn't actually arrive at all!
We seemed to go straight from the bluster of March to the wet, gloomy and prolonged winter.
"Well there's always next year" I told myself, but ... oh! dear... it's happened again!

This years summer has been yet another wet and dismal one for most of Britain which for me means no classic car shows attended, and no new 'adventures' when out tin-hunting!

Well, someone once told me that if life deals you Lemons - then make lemonade! So I post below my latest painting that sums up the sad lot of many a British classic fan for both this year and last.
The old XK Jaguar has been buffed and polished by it's proud owner ready for the show, fingers crossed the weather will hold out, but suddenly the tell-tale first spot of rain arrives. With no time to cover the car before the oncoming delude hits an umbrella is quickly pressed into service to save the interior!

We can only hope for better next year!

It seems there are plenty of folk that like to paint old cars, several of them also see (as I do) the beauty of derelict and abandoned vehicles as subject matter. My first post on this blog contained a painting of an old truck with flowers, I notice now that I failed to attribute it to the artist responsible so I did a search of the net and found the artist Brenda Swenson's site (for it was she)

I also found another Artist website that had some wonderful watercolour paintings on the subject!

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Happy Thanksgiving... wishing all the best for you and your family, Richard.