Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jellymould Jallopies!

I have discovered that I may be a little odd.
Ever since childhood I have had a fascination with the Automobile, in the old days I loved their curves, the way they sounded and looked, even the smell they gave off inside led me to remember them fondly to this day.

My favourite era for old cars was those produced between around 1940 - 1956 or what I call the 'jellymould' era of styling!
Unless beautifully restored or at least carefully preserved, these cars are now most likely to be seen abandoned or neglected, hidden under some undergrowth in remote country areas. There they sit forlornly, their once sparkling chrome tarnished, their paint faded and worn by years of exposure to the elements.

The reason that I say that I may be a little odd is that I find them still strangely beautiful, their rusted panels become canvases of diverse colours, their faded paint worn through in places by the sun and rain to create patterns unique to each.
As an Artist I can't ignore this - it excites me to see such faded beauty, so I decided to dedicate this blog to those vehicles from days long gone by, those vehicles that once swept proudly along our highways and still today manage to look beautiful in decay!

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