Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rust - art!!

Or..... "How can rust be so appealing"?

Is this a Norwegian landscape perhaps?


Abstract composition with padlock!

Cityscape in rust!

I'd prefer to rescue this old Citroen 2cv than leave it to crumble, but does have a certain charm of it's own exactly as it appears here!


CRH said...

HOLY MOLY! I am absolutely impressed at the depth of skill on this amazing blog! Your artistic nature, your beautiful photos, you opinions on cars in the truest and most detailed sense. I am humbly grateful for your kind comment on my blog...It led me to this! Amazing style and real original love for the details AND the whole are shown here on your blog. Thanks for this! I am VERY impressed, VERY excited to find something this great.

Jack R said...

Did you take these photos? They are fabulous! At various times I restored and owned several older cars including a 1950 Buick Special, 1959 Dodge Coronet and 1961 Chrysler Imperial, and so these shots create a real sense of longing in me.