Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter arrives.

Over last couple of weeks or so here in the UK the temperatures have dropped hailing the onset of winter proper.

To continue my theme of 'Beautiful decay' I suppose that one could consider much of the changes around us to be a sort of decay when compared to warmer months, the trees have now lost their leaves, and the weather has become much less hospitable.

Looking out on a frosty morning with the sun rising a sort of lemon yellow, the rooftops glistening, and the shadows containing a strong blue tone, once again reminds me of the beauty that is revealed during wintertime.
The other morning I saw from my front window a spiders web, stretching from one garden bush to another, and frozen white it revealed structures that only our most complicated computers could design!

My painting for this week harks back to my previous post about the Citroen 2cv 'Ugly Duckling', here I have painted a 1960's AZ version with the front 'suicide' doors, and the double chevron grille (which was one of the most popular types).

Sitting next to an old French petrol pump, both have been considered obsolete for years and yet here combine with winter to bring a scene of colourful nostalgia!


Gunnar and Sherry said...

Your blog is great! I love Citroens and your painting is very cool.

The Old Nail said...

Thanks Gunnar, I have owned many Citroens just like the one painted!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Great painting. I have a true love for Citroens. They always remind me of my childhood. One of the few cars you saw in Amsterdam at the time. Glad to see another post. I check you out every day. Great blog, Richard.

MadDogMcQ said...

Excellent painting Pete. The colours are so vibrant! As you know, the 2CV isn't my favourite car, but I do like Citroens and have owned a couple myself. My all time favourite is the DS range. Absolute art on wheels!

The Old Nail said...

Thanks all.
The DS Citroen you mention was first introduced in 1955...can you imagine that? In it's day it must have seemed like a spacecraft LOL!