Saturday, December 20, 2008

New York 1945

From London in the 50/60's to New York 1945.

Take a look at those wonderful old cars...truly 'Jellymould jalopies!' While the daily hustle and bustle of the people of new York goes on all around, the sturdy old vehicles battle through the icy winter streets.
Each time I come across a photograph of a long abandoned car of the '40's I wonder how it looked back in it's day, and to what kind of use was it put?

Well here's the answer, for many they were working vehicles, Taxis and delivery trucks are nose to tail while parked at the side walk are the private vehicles of the shoppers, or possibly the shop owners?
The one that stands out for me is the very clean car parked on the right hand side, obviously that car has been garaged overnight and looks pretty well looked after....I wonder if it survived?

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