Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Farewell to George

It's rare that I will stray into politics on this blog, as we all have our own ideas and opinions. However I couldn't let this day go by without saying 'Farewell' to George Bush, who has for the last eight years entertained us with his malapropisms, or 'Bushisms' as they became known.

"And there is distrust in Washington. I am surprised, frankly, at the amount of distrust that exists in this town. And I'm sorry it's the case, and I'll work hard to try to elevate it." --George W. Bush, interview on National Public Radio, Jan. 29, 2007

"They misunderestimated me." --Bentonville, Ark., Nov. 6, 2000

"I'm not really the type to wander off and sit down and go through deep wrestling with my soul." --George W. Bush, as quoted in Vanity Fair, October 2000

So farewell George, looks like maybe Obama has been left holding the baby.

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