Friday, January 30, 2009

A trip to France.

Just recently my partner and I have been house hunting in our nearest European neighbour-France.
There are many reasons behind the desire to leave England but relocating to France wasn't the obvious choice! Especially as neither of us speak the language, and due to this we have always found the French rather aloof!
On our many trips over there though, one of the things I did notice about France is that they certainly have their share their old cars, and after meeting many 'ordinary' French people we learned that it is simply necessary to forget any preconceptions of national traits and you will find a people as interested, and enthusiastic about old cars and life in general as any.

To a Brit used to the small dimensions of his own land the European continent appears huge, and the French have one of, if not the largest land mass in western Europe. The one thing that the visitor does notice (especially if he/she is an old car nut) is that in France they seem to put their old or disused vehicles out to grass - a little like old horses! LOL!

With a keen eye it's possible to find some very rare cars, trucks, buses, or just about anything out there... hidden in bushes or standing in fields it's a true classic fans paradise. The French seem to keep hold of their old vehicles so often they are to be seen lying around the grounds of the home, deteriorating slowly into patterns of rust.

These are some of the paintings that I did of vehicles found 'in the wild', I'm sorry for the poor quality of the photographs but the paintings were sold before I could get more than a snapshot each.


Enzie Shahmiri said...

You old car paintings are lovely!

The Old Nail said...

Thank you!