Thursday, January 22, 2009

The world of TED POLOMIS

If, like me you are a fan of old cars then that enthusiasm often extends to other period items. I am always on the lookout for old stuff, be it vintage advertising, old magazines, toys, in fact anything that is Automobile or motoring related.

Some time ago I came across one or two folks on the web that were making up small scale diorama's of old classic cars, (seen above). Usually they are depicted as slightly battered through use, I'm not sure if they are made of plaster or metal but they are a fantastic way to collect a series of old cars without needing too much space.

Then, completely by chance I came across the work of Ted Polomis. (above and below)
I don't know where Ted finds those old toys but each and every one is a fantastically nostalgic image. Now get this.... the model in the first (top) picture is by a model artist, the rest are pictures of Teds work but here's the rub - Ted's aren't models they're paintings!

When I first saw Ted's work t took me a moment to come to terms with the fact that I wasn't looking at a nostalgic photographic image!

Many people in the art world these days pour scorn on truly representational art such as this, implying that the multi coloured splashes and scrawls on canvas are the real works of genius, but I beg to differ! We have already seen on these very pages that nature itself can create colourful works of art that far surpass the human efforts using only a 'canvas' of old car metal. No 'genius' involved there, just the result of time and the elements.

The ability of Ted's work to conjure up in the spectator a warm feeling of nostalgia, the evocation of childhood memories, of quiet moments spent in times and places now long gone is the true indicator of talent. His phenomenal attention to detail and beautiful rendering of tones, shapes and colours are for me the mark of a truly outstanding artist.

As you may guess from my comments I'm no real fan of 'Modern art' insofar as much of it requires very little talent to produce, something that can never be said for the works of Ted Polomis!


Viewliner Ltd. said...

These are truly astounding.

David fa niente said...

I am now a TED POLOMIS fan! On first view I was totally taken in. I too love old toys. Toys in Art Deco style, I am off and running in search of a copy for my small collection.

As always, Great Post! Keep up the good work.


The Old Nail said...

Great news!
It's nice when an artists subject matter coincides with our own interests. Ted's work is amazing.