Saturday, January 03, 2009

Raw colour.

As an Artist I am continually aware of the amazing work achieved by my fellow painters. I look at all subject matter and styles and I can appreciate most types of work, but every now and again there is an artist that stands out by a country mile!

Tom Fritz, for me is just such an artist.

In subject matter Tom generally stays within the Hot-Rod era of the 1940's, and his paintings display a passion for his subject. It would be easy to say that this depiction of old cars and bikes, coupled with the sense of movement that Tom manages to put into his paintings would be an obvious hit with me as an old car nut myself, but it's the blaze of colour that Tom Fritz achieves which for me is the trademark of his work.

I remember reading somewhere the words of an artist that said:

"When I see the work of Frans Hals it makes me want to paint, but when I see the work of Rembrandt makes me want to give up painting!"

.... and when I look at Tom's work I know that feeling!

Tom Fritz is to me the premier example of how light, colour, and subject matter can combine to make a painting exceptional, and each time I see his work spurs me on to raise my game!

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