Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I know that I really shouldn't attribute feelings to inanimate lumps of metal but sometimes I come across a photo that seems to suggest just that.
You know that feeling you get when walking through a dog pound? When all the dogs are looking out of their cages, some jump around to greet you, while others quietly observe you with those big 'Please take me home' eyes.
Well that's exactly how I felt when I saw the photograph above!

The 1950 Buick is one of my all time favourite cars, when I see them neglected like this I almost want to set up a jalopy sanctuary to give them a home! LOL!

Or how about this older Buick? She sits there after who knows how many years of neglect, yet to me she still displays a haughty air of grandeur. The 'pose' is that of a grand old dame that quietly longs to be young and beautiful again.

Here's a rare and interesting view from the inside out!

The combination of light and deep blue shadow reflected in the green and orange (rust) colours of this old Olds is a winning combination. She looks to be complete, down to and includind a period sunvisor. This one really would have to come home with me!


Jack R said...

Gotta love that 50 Buick. I restored one and then had it stolen. All I have left is a painting I did of it. Here's a link to it:

Marie Reed said...

This photos are amazing! Pure eye candy!

Raggmunk said...

Great pictures again!!

The Old Nail said...

Thanks folks.
Hey jack I followed the link you posted to see your painting - very nice!

Jack R said...

Thanks, I have to admit that it helps immensely when you have good material.