Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have you ever wondered...

I often wonder just how some of these old junk beauties ended up where they are? I mean some of these cars are to be found in the remotest places! I then get to thinking just why were they abandoned there? I mean - how come?

It's obvious that this Dodge C0ronet was just taken out and shot! :-)

With a working vehicle or a truck I guess sometimes they are left right where they broke down many years previously. If that happened to be in a remote location then that would explain it, but how about the vehicle below?
The panel van looks to be on a small intersection, even the grass has been mown around it!

This Kaiser was possibly parked here before there were any trees at all! I love the way the light falls in this picture, I can almost hear the birdsong in the background.

here's an unusual find. The car on the right looks to have been used as a crash test vehicle of some sort. A strange bedfellow for the old Buick but a great photo.

This one is a typical scene for many old cars that I have seen in England. the two cars are Ford Populars (known as Anglia's in the US) and are 'Popular' (groan!) with the Hot-rod community. Unfortunately this is how most end up. They are bought as a project that never quite gets the time and attention needed, and they end up quietly rotting away.

Which brings me to the next phenomena that seems to haunt the british classic car world. I refer to vehicles that were once sound, but are now increasingly in danger of becoming beyond saving like the Austin Devon shown above.
On occasion cars like these are discovered having apparently sat for many years untouched. One of the most frustrating things about these cars is that should you ask the owner to sell, your offer is declines as he is "Going to restore it someday". So there it remains, until one day when passing you notice it has gone...the scrap man took it!

Barn finds like the old Mercedes above are different in that they have been partially hidden from both the public and the elements. Often they have been totally forgotten about, only coming to light after the death of an elderly relative. There are certainly some beautiful old cars still out there looking to be found.

When taking a walk in the woods who would expect to come across something like this? Perhaps from a distance, if the light was fading, and at the end of a long day you could be forgiven for thinking that you had just seen the ghost of a '38 Buick!


Raggmunk said...

Yes it´s indeed Beautiful junk.
Great photo´s

David fa niente said...

The panel van body like that is rare. At least here in north-western Nevada you don't see them. It would be a great project to restore and put back into service...


Jack R said...

The photo with the crash test marks on it looks so painterly. Wow!!

Markus Tnbrg Tennberg said...

Your stuff is really beautiful!