Friday, April 03, 2009

I'm back!... with more rust-art!

Well after the enforced break due to moving home I am now back posting rusty items! Today my post is about rust art with a difference... as I came across a German old car fan that makes these great dioramas in miniature.
Check out the old woody in the photographs above, the rust, the worn and faded patina of the paint, and the attention to detail are fantastic. In fact such is this guys attention to detail that he even includes the little bits of trash that often gathers around old wrecks, old maps or magazines are left inside on the cab floor...even mice droppings!
I also like the way he drapes the cars in old tarpaulin sheeting, as if they were once intended for restoration but never quite made it.

The BMW boxer twin above is great - just like several that I have owned... notice the beer bottle! I also like how in the next pictures he has created a scrap heap by piling the bike up against this 'Bubblecar' of the 1950's.

Each individual diorama stands on it's own wooden plinth which is then strewn with anything from engine blocks to beer crates, all in scale. The time and effort spent weathering and texturing these cars really gives them a realistic appearance, so now that I'm settled into my new home I can see myself becoming a regular buyer of this work, maybe I'll build up a whole junkyard of the things lol!

If you would like to see more of this artists work take a look at his ebay site HERE, it's in German but an English translation is provided lower down the page. His prices are very reasonable too considering the amount of work and the uniqueness of these items.
Amazing work.


Viewliner Ltd. said...

These are truly fantastic! Glad to see you back.

The Old Nail said...

Thanks Richard.

Raggmunk said...

nice to have you back !