Friday, February 27, 2009

1946 Ford

When it comes down to originality there's a lot to be said for buying a car that hasn't been used that much. Personally I would rather own an original car than a restored one, which is why todays post features this lovely old '46 Ford Coupe.

Now here's a cute old girl that has just seen light of day after many a year in storage. In fact, this car has spent so much time in storage that despite the faded paint job it's practically new.
Take a look at the speedo' that's a rare find!

Yep, you guessed it I've been looking on ebay motors again lol! I have decided to prolong my agony by watching how much this one eventually sells for, as a good solid base for some light restoration they don't come much better.

The photo's show a good straight car from any angle, and this car is rock solid...I mean amazingly solid as the photo's of the underside show.

This is just one of several good underbody shots of this car, the interior is also complete and in good shape including the period accessories such as this heater! It all seems hardly worn, just the surface rust from condensation during those long years in storage.

I know that the US has a large custom and hot rod fraternity and they do make some great stuff out of old wrecks, but I hope that this one goes to a new owner that will clean her up, maybe a have paint job and put her back to original stock appearance.

However tempting it might be to customise this one I think it would be a shame as it's rare to find anything this good and complete. For more photo's see the auction listing here.

If I could buy it I'd be tempted to have a top class repaint and let the old girl settle into light use on sunny Sundays and for show days. This would be just about the oldest 'new' car around!

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