Sunday, February 15, 2009

NASH - Then and now.

The above scene shows a used car lot specialising in Nash automobiles, just take a look at the hi-res version of the photo above by clicking on's amazing!
During the course of this blog I have often used term 'Jellymould' to describe the shape of those old cars that attract me the most. I do believe that what we Brits refer to as 'Jelly' is known as 'jello' in the states, but I'm sure my American readers understand the reference.

This leads me nicely to the Nash range of the late 1940's and early 50's, no other car can quite so aptly be described as a 'jellymould' shape as these old Airflytes!

The cars were presented as modern and streamlined, true cars of the jet age!

Throughout the USA there were large well lit showrooms where the customer could browse the latest Nash range. The pictures below give an idea of the relaxed atmosphere as potential customers try before they buy. boot (trunk) lids are opened, driver and passenger doors are opened and closed again to hear that satisfying thud that a heavy door makes on closing, seats are sat upon and legroom tested.

Once the model had been decided upon the customer would then perhaps look through the accessories catalogue, choosing everything from the paint colour, interior trim style, or any of the many options available in the catalogue.

Once again I will compare and contrast those products of yesteryear with a glimpse of how they fare today. The shots below come from a variety of sources and locations, the cars have all been neglected in the extreme...some even given up for dead, but to me they are just as appealing today as they ever were.
Quite apart from the snowbound example lower down, I feel that every one of those curvy beauties could be recommissioned and brought back to life without breaking the bank. The quality of steel used to build them, combined with the over engineering of components on most cars from the 'jellymould' era sure make them weather and stand the test of time without crumbling to dust!

Sure the restoration would be hard work but I can't put a price of the feeling of owning something special, and that of rescuing a still serviceable vehicle to serve on, and to once more become an object of joy.

And what's more, these Nash cars have a happy friendly 'face'. Yes I know that most people would consider me nuts for saying something like that but go on take a look below!
There are few cars on the road today that can tempt me to glance back after just parking up, they don't have the same connection to the emotions as something like this does. And not only would I glance back if I owned and drove a Nash Airflyte, but I would smile one of those big easy smiles that only ever stem from contentment.

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Gunnar and Sherry said...

I love these Nashes, and I agree that they have happy faces! Nice post!