Monday, February 16, 2009

More beautiful decay!

The original caption on this photo remarks that this truck is quite a way from the nearest town, how it got there, and where the rest of it went is something that isn't easily explained!

This old Buick seems to wear a defiant grimace. Over half a century of weather and neglect have certainly taken their toll, but the old girl isn't gonna' give up just yet.

This one could be one of a number of curvy makes or models of the 'jellymould' period, looks good as 'rust art' too!


Imagine these two rusty panels hung as large canvases in a New York or London gallery, the artist would be hailed as a genius and sell for tens of thousands!


PIGNOUF said...

Thank you for these beautiful photos ...:)

The Old Nail said...

My pleasure PIGNOUF. There is art in many unexpected places as these pictures show.

Raggmunk said...

Real nice pictures =)