Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Magazine cover art.

In addition to the old cars of the mid 20th century I also like to collect the work of the illustrators of the period. Take a look at the cover art painting above - how cool is that!

The term 'Illustrator' often has the attached stigma of commercialism, therefore the view has been that illustrators are not 'true' artists - well that's bunk! Before the advent of today's computer graphics, even before photography became the norm for use in ads, we had a range of talented artists working on a range of magazines.

I collect any type of cover art from those times, anything from the old pulp fiction detective genre, up to, and especially the motoring related topics. Here are a few covers that contain old vehicles of one type or another!

Great 'Shoebox' Ford below.

Although this last one (below) is on a a back cover it still features the kind of artwork that I like to collect, that open car door looks so inviting! LOL!


Viewliner Ltd. said...

These are so very cool. The "ARTISTS!" are genius's. How many people can capture life with a brush, like a camera can with a lens. Fantastic! SEP's are my favorites also.

PIGNOUF said...

Many agree with you, "Illustrations" are real artists! very nice collection ...:)

Raggmunk said...

Great cover´s, love that yellow Merc.54

Gunnar and Sherry said...

These are wonderful. Those illustrators are unsung heroes!