Monday, February 09, 2009

Original Artworks

Before I begin today's blog I'd just like to offer my sympathy to the folks in Australia who are suffering the worst natural disaster in that nations history. At the last count the death toll was 131 people and rising, my thoughts are with them and may the worst be over.

I've been real busy today so I'll keep the post short by including four original period artworks. These are the actual paintings done for manufacturers to include in their brochures!

The Artist who did these all those years ago was Steven Pojanski 1923 - 1997 - hope you like 'em!


PIGNOUF said...

I am wholeheartedly with the Australian population's really a sad disaster!
Beautiful illustration ...:)

Raggmunk said...
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Raggmunk said...

Nice blog i´ll be back

The Old Nail said...

Thank you Raggmunk!