Friday, February 20, 2009

More beautiful decay!

A few more great examples of how old vehicles can corrode into works of art.
The patchwork quality of the car above reminds me of an old Bedspread quilt that I used to have as a kid!
The truck in the photograph below is shown in the searing heat of summer, it's really strange that the composition bears some resemblance to a painting that I did some years back. I have the feeling that this is one of those examples of life imitating art.

I was attracted to paint the old Dodge below because of the variety of different colours which had shown themselves as the paint became worn away by the weather. I did the sky an unusually deep blue to try and give the impression of the hot, dry summer, perhaps in the mid west.

The next four pic's are artfully taken photographs that use the rust and texture of the metal as the subject matter. Notice how the orange of rust seems to burn when set against the deep blue sky, always a good combination for creating drama in a painting or photograph.

The car below is more modern than I usually feature, (it's a Volkswagen from the 1970's) but I couldn't resist posting the photo as another example of how rust and blue combine to look attractive.

The old door above fits my category of it 'Could be a canvas', makes me think that maybe I'm going to paint a couple like this and see how they turn out.
The door below has absolutely no decay whatsoever, but what a beautiful image! Notice again how the cool blue of the car makes the orangey red reflected in the chrome burn like fire - Superb!

Finally for today, I came across this newspaper article on the net and can truly understand where that guy is coming from. Like me he has a passion for those old wrecks from the past and thinks that they should be preserved...we'll miss 'em when they're gone! Click on the images to get them large enough to read the article (hopefully).


Raggmunk said...

Great pic´s

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Rick Spooner - Automotive Artist said...

Hey there Old Nail! As a fellow artist I can't resist letting you know that you have "hit the nail on the head" with your beautiful photos of the old cars. Great Compositions and truly incredible colors. Brautiful Art Work!