Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miro Sinovcic

Every once in a while while surfing the net I come across an artist that was previously unknown to me but instantly makes an impression. This is what happened when I discovered the work of Miro Sinovcic.

Miro's paintings of New York are so evocative of the atmosphere of the place, using amazingly beautiful bold colours, combined with an impressionistic technique, his street scenes look how I would imagine they would if you were to squint your eyes!

There are many more examples on his website, just click on the small row of images to enlarge them. Taxi's, or 'Yellow Cabs' feature in many paintings as above, and Miro captures the movement of the vehicles perfectly.

The atmospheric twilight world in which many of the paintings are set are also occasionally balanced out by superb daytime scenes where wintry sunlight sparkles, you can almost feel the cold!

I am always happy to find 'new' artists as they each give a unique perspective on how they view the world, I am particularly pleased to find Miro's website as he is the only living artist that I know of that comes close to matching one of my favourite artists Edouard Cortes. Click the link to Cortes work to compare and see what I mean.


Miro Sinovcic said...

Thank you! If you have a chance, please check my blog, where I am posting the most recent paintings and interesting details.

The Old Nail said...

Miro thank you for posting - what an unexpected surprise!
I'll certainly call in on your blog to see what's new.