Monday, February 23, 2009

Period photo's

One of the great things about the internet is the willingness of people to share photographs.
The one above was taken in Lincoln Nebraska in 1942, the line up of wonderful old cars shown is really something.
Quite often family owned photo's that would never otherwise have come to light are found also. I have no knowledge of who those folks are in the photo's below other than the first one was taken in Chicago of the 1950's.

I'm a huge Buick fan so the one above caught my eye immediately! I think it's fantastic to see those old cars as they were 'back in the day' like this, as today we are more accustomed to seeing them as forgotten, rusting hulks.

Not sure where this dealership was but oh how I'd like to be able to walk right in there now! Even the Chevy parked outside looks new.

It's hard to imagine that the lady above would perhaps be in her 90's now, and the kid's playing in the snow below will now have grandchildren!
Old photo's, especially those in colour tend to bring home how quickly time passes, and how all too soon we too will be just a memory on someone's photograph. It must be part of the wisdom that comes with age, but I find that the older I get the less time I tend to happy!


P.T.A. Transit said...

Fantastic pics. I had a '53 Chevy just like that one in the Chicago picture.

Peter, this is Richard (Viewliner Ltd). This comment is coming from my all new other blog that is all about transportation. Take a look if you get a minute. Thanks.

The Old Nail said...

Hi Richard, thanks for the heads up. I look forward to reading your new blog posts.