Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A moment of weakness.

I have a confession to make. It happened today and it's the usual thing, my wife was out and I was alone surfing the net. One time a couple of years back she came home early and caught me viewing this particular website, I was at the time biting my knuckles with pleasure at the sight of so much beauty, and reaching for my credit card...she came in just in time to save me a lot of money!

Well my confession is that today I weakened, I went right back to that site and drooled over the curvy shapes on offer.... and the site?... well it's ebay motors of course! :-)
I found this '51 Chevy deluxe, a California car very straight and with no rust at only $4000. I didn't buy it of course as it's several thousand miles and two oceans away from the UK, but I can dream!

There was also this '50/51 I forget which Pontiac on offer, I'm not keen on brown cars but I could be tempted into brown ownership by this beauty.

Then there was this 1950 Ford, this was top notch condition wise and cleaner than a factory fresh example. I don't recall the asking price but even in these 'credit crunch' times cars such as this must command a good price.

This 51 Caddy series 61 looks sooo classy! With a low genuine mileage and in superb order I could picture myself cruising around in this one quite easily. I don't know the correct name for the colour but I like it, suits the car well.

There's also a '54 Bel-air for sale that is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, I've taken just a couple of snippets here to tantalise you with LOL!

But for the last car I'm about to mention I have posted no picture. This car should come with a health warning, something like ' Viewers are likely to gnaw their knuckles' (again) so only click on the link if:-

A/ You are a fan of 50's American metal
B/ You are not currently drinking coffee at your monitor
C/ Your wife has your credit card 'kept safe' ... don't say I didn't warn you! :-)


emikk said...

it's too far away for you, but I can pick it up myself being in CA myself. Who knowsw, I might just go for it.

The Old Nail said...

emikk you're a lucky man! With all those rust free beauties out there to choose from, wow I'd be there right now LOL.